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You Will Be Tested

One thing that has shocked me in my intentional journey, and you most likely will experience it too, is that you will be tested.

The more and more intentional you get, whether its in your home, your life, or anywhere for that matter, the more and more the universe will throw intentional tests your way.

Intentions can kind of be likened to a spiritual to-do list. They stem from realizations about yourself, things you want to incorporate into your life, and they help to lead you down your path to a more supported soul.

So, in order "to do" your list, you must be able to overcome the spiritual lessons you have assigned to yourself on a soul level, and, in turn, move past them to the next challenge.

Which means... the lessons will never stop.

So, don't be discouraged when things get a little rocky on your intentional journey. I experience it all the time, and have to be reminded to push through them myself. But the great thing is, once you get on the other side of your tests, there's always a huge feeling of joy and relief waiting for you.

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