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You NEED an (Intentional) Nap

Are you a do-er?

For most of us, we're living in a do-more kind of world where we're expected to pile on the projects, add in more activities, and be booked 24/7. But what if the best thing you could DO was to... take a nap? Not just any nap, an intentional nap.

When you intentionally shut down, take a break, and close your eyes, you give yourself a minute to recharge your soul, and let the universe work on your behalf. And when you let the universe take charge, you will find that more gets done towards reaching your hopes, dreams, and desires than you could possibly do on your own.

Plus, you will wake up refreshed and ready to do all that you need to do in your day to achieve your intentions and get your to-do list checked off.

So, go ahead, close your eyes... you're DOING more good than you could imagine.

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