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Wide Open Spaces

The Dixie Chicks sang about it, now we're talking about it... Wide Open Spaces!

When you're building an intentional home, remember to incorporate wide open spaces.

As we have discussed, clutter kills the energy exchange required for intentions and manifestations, and so does over-filled walls, shelves, corners and more. It's not just about things piled up on top of each other creating the clutter, it's too many pictures hung on the walls, too many knick knacks crowding your shelves, too many pieces of furniture filling your room.

It's important to realize, it's okay to have an empty wall from time to time. It's okay to leave a corner free of furniture. It's okay to have a sparse space in your home.

Break up the chaos of too much. Bring back your focus. And edit, edit, edit...

When it comes time to work intention into your home and life, make sure you're making the most out of the most inspired pieces, and let your intentions lay with them.

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