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Top 10 Tips for Adding More Intention into Your Home & Life

Want to be more intentional this fall?

We're recapping The Intentional Home & Living's Top 10 Tips for Bringing More Intention into Your Home and Life.

#10 - Get out in nature

From the sun to fresh air, it clears the mind, boosts your mood, and energizes your spirit.

#9 - Get out of your mind

Every time you get stuck overanalyzing or overthinking, you end up under-performing. So stop thinking and start doing.

#8 - Slow down

When you're racing a million miles a minute, you tend to go into autopilot. And when you're in autopilot, you aren't connected to your spirit. So slow down, center, and give your attention to your intention.

#7 - Give yourself some quiet time

Take a nap, a bath, meditate. Whatever you need to do, just shut everything off so you can connect to your spirit, recharge your soul, and be guided by your intuition.

#6 - Be present

When we aren't present, we can't implement intention into our daily actions. So, bring your attention back to now in order to live the life you are creating.

#5 - Have more fun

Good energy attracts more good energy. And having fun put you in a good mood. So, have fun, and attract more good into your life.

#4 - Have energetic awareness

The idea is, energy out equals energy in. So, if you want to make positive changes in your life, you want to put positive energy out into the universe.

#3 - Listen to your intuition

Your intuition always has your best interest in mind, and your intentions are distinctly connected to it. So, when you have a gut feeling, or a deeper knowing about something, listen, it's your intuition helping you along your way.

#2 - Put yourself first

Be self-interested. Make yourself a priority. Fulfill yourself so that you can be more fulfilling to others.

#1 - Believe in yourself

And finally, be your own cheerleader. If you don't believe in what you want to achieve in your life, why should anyone else. It all starts with you, so believe in yourself and watch the intentions you set come into your life.

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