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The Top 10 Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown - Recap

We've got the Top 10 Elements for Your Home all in one place!

#10 - Blankets

These cozy, comfortable textiles are the perfect pieces to soften your space and bring in different seasons while reducing anxiety and creating a warm environment.

#9 - Wood Textures

Whether its a coffee table or a basket on the wall, wooden textures ground your home, keeping you anchored, and bringing you a sense of balance, all while creating a beautiful foundation for decorating and living.

#8 - Color

This vibe setting elements is a trendy way to change up your space and create any mood or aesthetic you're feeling, whether it's a healing green, loving pink or a calming blue. Paint a wall, grab some pillows, or design your cabinets. Color is key.

#7 - Sound

A more unique intentional decor element, sound plays a key role in setting the tone in your home. And the benefits are numerous. Not only does a bell chime change up the vibration of your space, a favorite song will instantly shift your mood.

#6 - Candles

From the way they smell to the way they look, these fire bearing pillars combine so many intentional elements, they'll have you lighting up your home in no time. So cleanse your space with a sage wic and let the flames extinguish any stale energy. Your home will than you.

#5 - Rocks

Rocks, crystals, marble, you name it. These solid energetic elements will ground you and your home while shifting the energy to one of pure intention. So don't wait, grab a beauty from your yard or jump on the chain trend.

#4 - Books

A cookbook in the kitchen, a design book on the coffee table, or a novel by your bed, these intentional pieces not only add beauty to your room, they help fill it with new ideas, growth and knowledge. So stack some up and see how you're inspired.

#3 - Natural Light

A bright, open, airy room always carries a more cheerful vibe. While standing in the sunlight instantly gives your mood a boost, and a healthy dose of vitamin D. So, throw open your shutters, strategically place some mirrors, and keep your windows clear so you can let the light in.

#2 - Plants

Living, breathing, colorful plants are an intentional must. Not only do they detoxify your home, they add color, and life. They are, in all reality, decor come alive. But if you have a black thumb like me, fake it til you make it. Faux ferns and flowers are cheery too.

#1 - Water

Diffused, steamed, running or sparkling, water is THE most important element in intentional living and decor. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it strengthens your intuition and keeps the energy flowing throughout your home. It is an essential piece to everything intentional and intuitive.

To get help curating any of these intentional elements for your home, contact The Intentional Home by Courtney Meyers or comment below! We love to hear from you.

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