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The Benefits of an Intentional Morning Routine

Want to start your day off with intention? Then, create an intentional morning routine.

How you wake up, get out of bed, and start your morning is the biggest indicator of how your day is going to unfold.

If you consistently hit snooze, lounge around, scrolling social media, and then rush to get ready, you're going to take that rushed mentality into your morning and beyond. But, if you have a plan, get up with your alarm, keep your mind free and clear of distraction, and you center yourself to take on your day with positivity, the smoother everything is going to be.

Even better, if you can find a way to feed your spirit first thing, whether that be by stretching, reading, journaling, meditation... or whatever you love, your daily intentions are going to be magnified.

So, give yourself the benefits of creating a routine that supports your soul, and you'll find your days to flow better and your intentions to enter more freely.

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