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The 5 Most Common Traits of Intentional People

Intentional Living isn't one-size fits all. But there are five traits that most successful intentional people share.

First of all, Dedication.

When you become intentional, you are dedicated to your desires. You put forth energy, you show up for your dreams, you perform life with a purpose.

Second, Vibration.

Intentional people come at life with a high vibe. They put more weight on positivity. Find joy in their days. And give off good feelings wherever they go.

Third, Vision.

When you set intentions, you give yourself permission to visualize a new way of being. And if you can visualize it, you can create it. Intentional people are masters of visualization and creation.

Fourth, Openness.

Because intentions stem from the inner-self, intentional people allow themselves to release their hold on how they're going to achieve their end-game, and rather learn to go with the flow of the universe.

And finally, fifth, Gratitude.

Gratefulness and intentionality live in the same frequency. The more appreciative you are of your current life, the more you will see your intentional world open up.

But, when all is said and done, being intentional isn't the same for everyone. Your intentions are uniquely designed to help your own personal growth, so how they are achieved will vary. Although, when you embody these five traits, you will be off to a great intentional start.

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