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Stop Doubting, Start Believing

We all have doubts from time to time...

But when it comes to living intentionally, there is no room to let them creep in.

Now, that doesn't mean to say that doubts won't find a way in, but when we doubt ourselves or the intentions we set, we create confusion in our energy field, and we start to poke holes in our commitment to creating the life we desire. So, it's really important to stop your doubts as soon as you see them coming on.

And the best way to do this... Is to believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself so strongly that you can't possibly accept anything less than your intentions to unfold. Believe in yourself so strongly that no one will question your commitment. Believe in yourself so strongly that when you achieve your goals, there's no surprise, because you knew they would happen.

When you believe that strongly, nothing, not even doubts, can push you off your intentional path. They'll creep in and quickly be pushed aside by your steadfast belief in you.

So, do you believe? Let us know and share with us your tips for staying strong with your intentions in the comments below.

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