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Stick to Your Intentions with These Simple Tips

Do you have Intentional Follow Through?

One of the biggest reasons our intended outcomes in most endeavors don't come to fruition is because we don't have Intentional Follow Through.

We get great ideas. We begin them with enthusiasm. But when we run into an obstacle, face a time constraint, or just get tired of trying, we tend to let go of our intentions and our desires fall victim.

So, how do you ensure you stick to your intentions? Here are a few tips.

Pace Yourself.

Whether it's keeping a clean home or starting a new business, allow yourself a realistic timeline for getting things done or up and running.

Take Away the Pressure.

When you set an intention, it's just like a manifestation, you don't have to do or figure it all out on your own. You set it, and put in the work to help it come to life, but let things unfold in their own time. Let the universe help.

And Have Fun.

You will never keep up with something if you don't enjoy it. Having fun is the key to intentional living. So, make sure you have fun with whatever you're trying to achieve, otherwise it will never turn out how you desire deep down.

And if you need a little accountability, let The Intentional Home & Living help. Book a session with us below.

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