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Slow it Down - And Add More Intention into Your Life

Wanna be more intentional this fall? Then slow it down.

Tip number eight on our Top 10 Tips for Bringing More Intention into Your Home and Life is Slowing It Down.

I know with the kids back in school, holidays just around the corner, and activities adding up, this is a hard one to do. But it is so important.

When you're racing a million miles a minute, you tend to go into autopilot, and when you're on autopilot, you aren't connected to your spirit in any way.

So do as my daughter's nightly meditation suggests... breathe in, breathe out, count one, two, then do.

It's a mantra I repeat to myself quite often.

It will slow you down. Allow you to center, And bring you back into the moment so you can give whatever you are doing your full attention with intention.

Stay tuned, we'll be back tomorrow with tip number seven.

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