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Set Your Kids Up for Success

Getting ready for Back To School? The Intentional Home is here to help.

So let's talk Learning Spaces!

It's so important, no matter what age your child, to create a set up for success. This can include bag drops or mud rooms, reading nooks and/or homework stations. But no matter what type of space you're creating, you most definitely want to make it one that is suited for YOUR child and THEIR spirit.

So get your kids involved.

What do they like?

What are their favorite school activities?

Ask them what they hope to accomplish in this new school year.

What are their favorite school activities?you will see how open they are to setting their own intentions, and how much more they thrive when they are connected and inspired by their environment.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate Back To School all week. Next up: Intentional Bedtime Routines.

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