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Recharge with Intention

We charge our phones, our watches, our computers, our tablets... every electronic under the sun, but we so rarely charge ourselves, why?

A lot of us have lost our connection to self. We have lost the luster that makes us want to live to the fullest. We have lost that desire to grow, and learn, and change. And it's time we got that back.

And do you know how we do that?

We create intentions.

Intentions are the key to powering up our innermost self. They light a fire under our desires. They create a calculated plan for how we want things to come about. They are the fuel to where and what we are doing on a daily basis.

So, ignite your inspiration once again. Set some intentions. Create a life you love by putting a passionate statement behind your long-forgotten dreams. And when you do this, you will find your life takes shape in ways you never knew it could.

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