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Mindful, Thoughtful, Grateful - INTENTFUL

Mindful, thoughtful, grateful...

There are a lot of "fulls" in the spiritual world, but there's one that hasn't landed itself on that list until now... Intentful!

Being intentful is the mere act of being intentional. It's filling your day with purpose and meaning. It's putting thought behind your actions and feelings behind your reactions.

When we are intentful, we are embodying the energy that is intentional. We are connecting with our most authentic self, and we are co-creating our world in a way that reflects back to us that which we want to see around us.

And when used in conjunction with all the other universal "fulls," it rounds out a powerful group of mindset mannerisms to help take your intentional practice to the next level.

So, add being intentful to your intentional repetoir, and see the magic that unfolds.

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