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Let's Get Energized

Let's get energized!

Today we're talking about energy. The great and powerful, unseen, force ruling our lives. Not to mention, it's the backbone of The Intentional Home.

Real fast, try this exercise. Rub your hands together quickly, pull them apart... and see, can you feel the energy pulsing between your palms?

I bet you answered, yes. And if you did, you might be interested to know that this same thing happens in our homes. Just as you can trap energy between your hands, energy can get trapped between the four walls of your home.

And when this happen, it can become stale, stagnant, even negative energy that no longer suits your constantly growing spirit. It can weigh you down, making you feel overwhelmed and heavy.

So how do you avoid this?

Do a house healing! Clear your home's energy a few times a year to avoid a buildup and give yourself the space to thrive.

To learn more about home healings, check out our services at The Intentional Home or keep your eyes posted for our upcoming, online course teaching you the basics on how to clear your own home.

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