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Journaling - Your Intentional SuperPower

Do you journal?

At The Intentional Home, we love to journal. Why? Because journaling leads to idea dumps, energy clearing, and intention setting. It can also lead to messages from your Higher Self, but more on that later.

As we've previously discussed, one of the best ways to make your intentions stick is by writing them down. And doing it while journaling is the most effective way to do just that.

The simple act of handwriting solidifies your ideas or wants. When you see them written down, you can't help but acknowledge what you've put out into the universe and it gives them a sort of permanence in your life.

Plus, by gathering all your ideas and intentions into one place, you create an energetic guide for you to live by, whether you re-read it over time or not.

In addition, writing down what you're feeling or struggling with helps you to release that energy out of your body and to focus on the more positive, intentional energies you are seeking.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, thoughts are fleeting... but I'm here to tell you, the written word is not. So give journaling a try.

It doesn't need to be fancy, flowery, or elaborate. A simple stream of consciousness writing is all you need to get started. And once you do start, I guarantee you will get in the flow.

And as a bonus, there are a ton of beautiful journals out there, so stack yours on your bookshelf or a table and watch how your intentions become a beautiful piece of decor.

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