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Intentional Mirroring

Mirrors work wonders in Intentional Interiors, which we've previously discussed...

But here's a secret! Mirrors are also one of your greatest tools in Intentional Living. Check it out.

Think of yourself as a mirror. A reflection. A reflection of your thoughts, as well as, a way to reflect back to someone else the energy they are putting out.

Let's break that down.

What is the version of you that you most want to reflect into the world?

Whatever that version is, think it in your mind, feel it in your soul. And it will be mirrored or reflected back to you because of the energy you are putting out into the universe.

If you want to be a positive, generous, and loving person, be that in your mind, and act accordingly in your life. And exactly that type of energy will be reflected back to you in the people you come in contact with and the opportunities you are presented.

Likewise, if someone is not acting in line with your values, double down on your positive, generous and loving qualities. What they will see in you will only magnify their discontent and negative outlook, hopefully making them think twice in their action.

There's no guarantee about that, but think of their energy like light bouncing off of a mirror. Don't let it seep into your energetic field, allow it to reflect back towards them, and you will keep your good vibes in line.

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