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Intentional Kids - Mindful Bedtime Routine

It's almost time for Back To School! And we're getting ready at The Intentional Home with our first timer, Harper.

To help her prepare, we're setting an Intentional Bedtime Routine.

This includes a Headspace App meditation for kids, featuring her favorite characters from Sesame Street.

Mindful stories like, "My Magical Words," by author Becky Cummings, which we love.

And a silly song and dance to get out the wiggles and connect her to her spirit. All our spirits love to dance and laugh.

By creating this routine, we are not only setting Harper up for success in the following day, we are also teaching her tools on how to connect and come back to herself at all times.

It's never too early to start being intentional, and back to school is the perfect time to start.

How are you helping your kids with their intentions? Let us know in the comments.

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