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How to be More Present

Want to be more intentional this fall?

Tip number six on our Countdown for Bringing More Intention into Your Home and Life is To Be More Present.

How often do you hold your breath?

How often do you notice what's happening around you?

How often to you hear what you're listening to?

I'm guessing, if you really thought about it, not very often.

We tend to hold our breath, not see what's going on around us, and not absorb what we're trying to listen to throughout our days because our minds are someplace else. We aren't present.

And when we aren't present, we cannot implement intention into our daily actions.

So, bring your attention back to now. Make a concentrated effort to notice what's actually going on around you. Listen intently, without distraction. And take a breath.

We all hold our breath a lot more than we realize. And when we hold our breath, we suffocate our intentions.

For more tips on bringing more intention into your home and life, stay tuned for tip number five next.

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