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How to be a Vibe Changer

How do you live in energetic peace when you have a family or roommates?

You learn how to change the vibe!

A lot of people will tell you to protect your energy. And that's easy when it's just you, you have to worry about. But when you are energetically connected to those around you, especially those you live with, it is easier said than done.

So, here are a few tips on how to be the vibe changer when you find yourself energetically charged by others at home.

Take a breath. And another. And another.

Three big breaths in, and three audible breaths out, letting go of anything that's not yours.

Find something to laugh about.

Laughter lifts the mood every time.

List things you love or are grateful for.

Being grateful always wins over bad energy.

Move around. Do jumping jacks. Dance.

Any movement you can do, do it. It'll get the energy moving and shaking right on out of there.

And step outside.

A change of space, scenery, or the sun will recharge you and your spirit letting you bring in a brighter disposition for all.

And if all else fails, call The Intentional Home and Living, we are always game to help you change up your vibes and intention for the better.

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