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Have Your Intentions Expired?

I bet you didn't know that intentions have expiration dates, but they do.

We are constantly growing, constantly changing, constantly shifting from one vibration to another, and as such energy around us is in constant motion, so too will your most poignant intentions be.

When you set an intention, it is a reflection of a desire, want, idea or energy of the moment. And the further and further you get from that time of your life, the less relevant it may become.

Now, this isn't to say older intentions need to be tossed with the trash, it just means they may need a little revision. So, don't hold too tight to the intentions you set. Be flexible with them as you inevitably grow and experience changes along your path.

Revisit your intentions often, and assess if they resonate with where you are in your life now, and where you want to be in the future.

A quick intentional tune up is all you need to bring your desires up to date.

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