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Feel Until It's Real

Fake it 'til you make it!

My show choir teacher used to say this to our team all the time... fake it til you make it. But when it comes to manifesting and intentional living, thats only half of it.

What we would be better advised to do is "feel until it's real."

Because when we feel the version of us, the thing we want, the situation we want to be in, with all our heart, we start to put that energy out into the universe and the universe, in turn, will reflect it back to us.

Yes, faking it is, in a way, putting ourselves into our chosen scenarios, but the mere act of faking means we aren't actually believing. Feeling is what will get us into the state of truly being.

So, go ahead and fake it til you make it, but make sure you feel until it's real as well. Your feelings, just like your thoughts, will create what is happening all around you.

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