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Engage Your Energetic Walls

If you want to keep your intentions on track, then keep your emotions in check.

One of the easiest ways to throw off our hopes, dreams and desires is to fall into an emotional state that doesn't support our energetic trajectory. And one of the biggest culprits of going down an emotional rabbit hole, is when we absorb the emotions of others, especially those we live with.

So, how do we stop this?

We put up our energetic walls.

Think of it like a bubble or forcefield that surrounds you. Literally visualize it. When you can see it in your mind, you can energetically create it in your world.

And when you do this, you will begin to bounce others' emotional energy off of you and back to where it belongs, with them, allowing you to focus on the positive, productive energy that brings about all the good you're working towards in your life.

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