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Does Your Home Flow? Part 1

Does your home flow?

Whether you've got an open concept or sectioned off spaces, you must allow your home to flow. Not only is it aesthetically important to have cohesive decor throughout your home, it's important from an intentional or energetic standpoint, as well.

If you have too many conflicting spaces or rooms that don't compliment one another in their look or design, you are bound to have intentional barriers that create confusion in your living environment.

For example, you create a modern dining space but have a French country kitchen, you will feel out of sorts when transitioning between the two.

And the way you feel is one of the most important parts of creating an intentional home. You want to feel good and at ease in your space; not confused and disjointed, which two very differing looks may create.

This doesn't only happen in decor though, it can happen in a home's actual design. Come back tomorrow as we dive deeper into how design can affect the flow of your home.

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