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Do You Vibe with Your Vision for Your Future?

Do you vibe with your vision for your future?

When we set intentions, we put out into the universe a calculated dream we want to achieve. But the universe isn't going to just jump in and give you what you want if you're not vibing with that thing.

So, here is a quick vibe check to make sure you're in alignment with your intentions.

Ask yourself, are you handcuffed to HOW you achieve your endgame? If the answer is yes, then you probably won't get that magic universal help.

Spiritually speaking, there is no way to know HOW something is going to play out or HOW the universe may surprise you with assistance, so give up your control and surrender to possibilities you may not even realize exist.

A controlling vibe is definitely a block to universal assistance.

Next, ask yourself, WHY you want your intended outcome.

If you don't have a solid, emphatic answer to this, then do you really want what you're intending to achieve?

A lot of times, we think we "want" something that spiritually we really don't. Sometimes it's just something the outside world is saying we need. But your spirit knows better. And so, you won't be able to answer truthfully WHY you want an intention if it doesn't vibe with the true you.

And if you're not vibing with your authentic self, then you won't be vibing with your spiritual guidance.

And finally ask, are you WILLING to PUT IN THE WORK to show up for your intentions.

This is big, as intentional energy is a huge factor in setting you up for success. You must be willing to act on opportunities the universe presents, nudges from your inner-self.

If you're not vibing with what's being sent your way, then that guidance is going to fade away.

Pose these questions to yourself, and you'll get clarity as to where you are in your intentional journey. Once you have that clarity, you will be able to better reflect the vibe that fits your truest intentions.

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