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Claim Your Space

Now that you've done a Home Healing... what's next?

It's time to Claim Your Space. But what does that mean?

When it comes to claiming your space, two images come to mind. Walking into a room and standing with both hands on your hips like Wonder Woman, and also, marking your territory like a dog. So you pick, are you Wonder Woman or a dog?

Regardless of what you choose, the idea is the same. You own your home. You own your rooms. You have a cleared space ready to take on new energy. So put that actual feeling out into your home.

Walk into each and every space in your house with confidence and ownership.

Say your intentions for each room out loud. Maybe even write them down and tuck them away in a corner of the room. Or better yet, if you feel comfortable, frame them and use it as intentional decor.

Then, take a moment to breathe while in your space.

Breathe in the energy of the room. Breathe out your intentions for the space. Then breathe them both in together, count to three, breathe out and feel the seeds of intention being planted. Take one more big breath in, and release to seal your commitment.

And just like that, you've Claimed Your Space!

Do this in each and every room of your home, and start to see intention grow all around you.

And visit us on our booking pages to find out more on how we can help you clear your home and set your intentions.

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