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Be Mindful From Where You Get Advice

Want to know some of the best advice I've ever received? Be mindful of who you're getting your advice from!

Just think about it for a minute, would you take health advice from your child's kindergarten teacher or rather a doctor who has studied countless years in the field of medicine and wellness? I think 99.9% of the time, I'm going to choose the doctor.

And the same goes for everything in your life. From buying a car to choosing the best stain remover for your laundry... there is an expert on it, and it may not be who you are currently consulting.

So many of us poll our friends, family and colleagues for their advice when what you're really receiving is just their opinion. And opinions are great, but they're not necessarily what's right for you.

When an opinion is offered, look at who it is coming from and why they may be offering it. Assess whether they've mastered that which you're seeking advice on. Because sometimes it's the people you don't know who can actually give you the most unbiased and qualified advice on a subject.

And if you can't find someone that you trust to give you good advice, you can always look within. Your inner voice, when you're connected, will always lead you in the most positive of ways. Sometimes ways in which no one else will understand but will work out for you in the most magical of ways.

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