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Are Your Intentions Being Influenced?

Is outside energy throwing you off of your intentional game?

Allowing the energy of others to influence you is one of the biggest blocks to unearthing your intentional reality. So, here are some tips to keep your energy free of others, and your intentions in play.

Keep your intentions close. Before you share, know your audience. If your confidants are

prone to negativity, think twice before divulging your desires.

Don't expect the approval of others. Your intentions are built to support your personal

growth, so it's no wonder others don't always see things as you do, and that's okay.

And be confident in your capabilities. If your intentions are something you truly want, then

they are something you can surely achieve. You wouldn't want them otherwise. So, don't

allow anyone's beliefs about your abilities to stop you from going after what you want.

For more tips on achieving your intentions, book a consult with us below!

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