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Are You Trying Too Hard?

Trying too hard? It may be a sign that you are out of alignment.

And when you are out of alignment, no amount of trying will ever bring you back in touch with your intentions.

So, how do you find your intentional way home? You let go.

Now, as a person who is a recovering control freak... and let's be honest, we all fall back on controlling habits, I know letting go is the last thing you want to do when you want to find your way back onto your intentional path.

But it's the only way to do it.

When you're living intentionally, you are living in flow with everything... the universe, your relationships, your finances... everything. And when you're in flow, you're free, flexible and open to inspiration and guidance.

When you are out of alignment, you become controlling, manipulative, and essentially, scared. You tend to lose faith that all always works out in your favor.

So, stop controlling and start allowing. Let go and ask the universe for assistance. Take a breath, and center yourself. Shift your mindset, and become more present.

All these tactics will help to ease you back into alignment with your most authentic self, and the ease at which your intentions will unfold will be astounding.

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