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Are you living in a funk?

Are you living in a funk?

It's so easy to fall victim to funky energy. Sometimes you don't even see it coming.

But if the mundane, the routine, the blah has got ahold of you, it's time to vibe up and let your spirit step in. And here are some tips to do just that:

Name your funk.

List all the things that have got you down. Say them out loud. Get them out of your head and let go. Don't keep coming back to them, don't keep thinking about them, let them evaporate into thin air.

Get your body moving.

Whether it's yoga, a walk, or a sweaty gym session, just move your body. More doing, less thinking is the name of the game. And when those endorphins kick in, your energy will naturally rise.

And finally, take a break.

Take a break from anyone or anything that may be weighing you down. Sometimes when we're in a funk, it's not even our funk to figure out. Don't let someone else's yucky energy bring you down.

Just know, we all fall into a funk from time to time, but don't let it fester. Use these tips to raise your vibe, and you'll find your happy place once again.

And if you need a little assistance releasing your funky mood, let The Intentional Home & Living help. Book your first session with us below.

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