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Are you all Tapped Out?

Are you intentionally all tapped out?

If so, you may need an Intentional Reboot!

Living intentionally takes focus and dedication, so when you get too tired, overwhelmed, or over-booked, it's no wonder you may find yourself off your intentional track.

But all is not lost. Sometimes you just need to realign yourself with your intentions. And the first step to doing so, is to recognize you are out of alignment. Once you see that, you can quickly get yourself back on track by doing a few simple steps.

First, take three breaths, clearing your mind.

Next, bring your focus back to the present moment by calling out things around you. A dog walking by, a crumb on the floor, your kids eating dinner...

And finally, make a strong statement to yourself claiming the intentional energy you want to bring in. Something like, "I am now focused and free of distraction. I am now working towards my goals."

Notice the words, "I am," those are the magic words. When you say "I am," you are telling your subconscious mind what to be. And when you want to be realigned, that's the quickest way to shift back.

So, if you're feeling off, try these tactics out, and book a session with The Intentional Home & Living. We're always here to help.

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