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#8 on the Top 10 Intentional Elements Countdown

#8 on our Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown is Color!

Bringing in more color has been a major trend lately, but I suggest using it for more than just your aesthetic; use it for your vibes.

Need some healing properties flowing in your home, choose green. Want to attract more love, bring in pops of pink. Or need a calming place to rest your head, blue is the color for you.

But you don't necessarily need to run out to the paint store and coat a wall or refinish your kitchen cabinets, although it's not a bad idea, you can also add color in small doses throughout your home.

Accessories are great ways to bring in different tones. Use pillows, sheets, hand towels, candles, rugs. Really, any decor piece you may want to use will work. Although I suggest picking a color and using it sparingly but consistently throughout your home. Carrying a certain shade through your home will help to make it all feel connected and in flow.

If you need help picking a tone to match your vibe, just drop us a note and we can collaborate!

And come back tomorrow or follow us on social media for #7 on our countdown.

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