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#7 on the Top 10 Intentional Elements Countdown

We're continuing our Top 10 Intentional Elements Countdown for your Home with #7, Sound.

But how do you decorate with sound? That's easy. Bringing sound into your home can be done in a variety of beautiful ways with a variety of different physical objects. Whether it's a grand piano or a simple gold bell, there really are amazing ways to decorate visually as well as audibly.

But the best part about decorating with sound is the energetic manipulation it provides. Literally ringing a bell can change the energy in your space at a moments notice as the sound causes vibrational frequencies to shift when it is rung.

Watch my son, Hayden, pick up this bell out of the blue and ring it, and then tell me you're not smiling.

But on a more obvious level, when you're feeling off, try playing your favorite song on a record player or your speakers. I promise you, your mood will instantly lift.

Fill your outdoor patio with chimes, and feel the calm it brings as the wind whispers through them.

Sound just may be the atmospheric piece of decor you didn't know you were missing.

We'll be back with number 6 tomorrow, so stay connected to see what it is.

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