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6 Questions to Ask when Building an Intentional Home

Want to create an Intentional Home?

Here are six questions to ask yourself before you get started.

Number one: How does your home make you feel?

How you feel in your home is the cornerstone of Intentional Living.

Number two: How do you want to feel in your home?

Setting intentions in your home is all about what you want to bring in energetically, which will dictate how you feel when you're done.

Number three: What brings you joy?

Joy, fun & happiness are what keeps you aligned with your most authentic self. So make note, this is the direction you want to take your home.

Number four: Why are you looking for a change?

If you are seeking change, something is obviously not resonating in your home as it is now. So, dig deep to determine why you want change as it will lead you down the road of how to make the change.

Number five: What are you holding onto in your current surroundings?

Holding onto old, negative or stale energy is one of the biggest blocks to Intentional Living. Start looking to see what you are holding onto that might need to go.

Number six: What do you need to release?

Do you need to declutter, take a break, clear your mind, let go of certain expectations? Whatever it is, Intentional Homes and Living require you to release that which is not working for you anymore so you can make room for what is.

Answer these six questions, and you'll be well on your way to building a foundation for an Intentional Home.

Or book a session with us so we can help you weed through all that comes with creating your Intentional Interiors.

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