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#6 on The Top 10 Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown

The Top 10 Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown continues today with #6 on the list, Candles.

Candles are amazing for the many different properties they bring into your space; scent, decor and fire!

First and foremost, beautiful scents cleanse your room, help set a vibe and can even alter your mood. They can take you back to a memorable moment, or with the right selection, alter the energy you're bringing into your home.

For example, something with a more orangey scent will bring in feelings of joy. An herb undertone will help to ward off bad vibes. And flowery scents, like rose, set the mood for love and romance.

But, aside from the obvious smell inducing harmony candles can bring into your home, the physical flame also provides a cleansing act and helps to invigorate the spirit. The dancing fire works with the environment around it to draw in stale, stagnant energy, and once extinguished, leave you with a fresh space.

In addition, on the more obvious level, candles are just beautiful pieces of decor on their own. Whether placed strategically around your room or lighting your table-scape, you can't go wrong with this intentional decor element.

Tomorrow we'll be introducing you to #5 on our list, so subscribe to to stay in the know, or follow us online to see what we're loving.

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