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#5 Top 10 Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown

This week we're continuing our Top 10 Intentional Elements for Your Home Countdown with #5, Rocks!

Rock-like objects come in many forms. Stones, crystals, marble, you name it. And they are presented in a variety of ways too. But whether it's a marble frame or a piece of crystal, they all provide a solid, energetic purpose, grounding.

Simply hold a round, weathered stone in your hand and you will start to feel the warmth and solid energy arise.

Crystals also add a major energetic shift to your space depending on the one you choose. From abundance to clarity, calm to love, you are bound to find a crystal to fit your intentional wishes. Check out our friend's Etsy shop, Lilac Road Crystals for some of our favorites!

But you don't have to go far and wide to add these intentional elements to your home. Next time you're out and about and you see a beautiful stone in your yard, pick it up and add it to your room's decor. Or jump online and order an on-trend, marble chain like the one I have (it's linked below).

For more tips and tricks on intentional decor, don't forget to subscribe to receive our daily posts or follow us on social. We'll be back tomorrow with #4 on the list!

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