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Want to be more intentional?  Open your world to new ideas!  When you expand your mind, you open your spirit to new inspiration, growth & possibility.  And our Intentional Courses are designed to help you do just that.

Write from The Heart

After 20+ years working in television - writing in the voice of my talent, ghost-written novels speaking for other authors & copywriting for some of the most renowned individuals worldwide - one thing has become very apparent: When you find the voice of your spirit, you speak from your heart, you are honest, authentic & real - your words, they just hit different. They come alive. They speak volumes. And it is with that knowledge in mind, I have created a heart-centered course to help you connect to your most authentic voice so that you can truly express your message in the most spirited of ways.


💗 No longer will cookie-cutter words get lost amidst the chaos of everyday life.


💗 No longer will you struggle to express your innermost thoughts.


💗 No longer will you fear the concept of putting your words to paper.


After you embark on this soulful journey, you will find you cannot contain the words you so long to share. So stay tuned for our upcoming release! Make sure to follow us and subscribe to our email list so that you can be one of the first to finally put a voice to your beautiful spirit.

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