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Live Intentionally at Home & Beyond

Home Healing

an energetic refresh for you and your home

Whether it's a bad vibe room, or full house cleanse, I will work with you to customize and implement a plan to rid all energies that no longer suit you or your home, leaving you with a fresh perspective and a home full of intention.

The Intentional Home

an inspired plan to bring you and your home into alignment

YOU are the heartbeat of your home.  Together, let's bring your intentions to life with a design that helps support your spirit and your home's aesthetic.  Full and partial services available.


Inspired and Intentional Living Beyond the Home

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Where is the Heart of Your Home?

Take our quick 2 minute quiz to find out where The Heart of Your Home is located.


Custom Coaching

Achieve your full potential with intuitive direction, support and guidance by intuitively trained, Courtney Meyers.


What's Your Intentional Home Type?

Take our quick 2 minute quiz to find out what type of Intentional Home welcomes you.

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